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treasure trove of knowledge to share and unfold.  I know it can’t all happen in this one
               article or a day’s time but know this – it’s happening and he’s willing to continue to share
               these insights with all of us.  InfoSec Knowledge is Power and we’re going to get a lot of
               it, thankfully, from Dr. DeWalt’s willingness to share.

               Pictured Above, The NightDragon Security Keiretsu, and this is only the beginning…

               About David G. DeWalt Ph.D.

                                                      Dr.  David  G.  DeWalt,  Founder  of  NightDragon
                                                      Security at             He
                                                      most  recently  served  as  the  Executive  Chairman  of
                                                      FireEye, Inc., a global network cyber security company.
                                                      Dr. David G. DeWalt served as FireEye’s Chief Executive
                                                      Officer from November 2012 to June 2016 and Chairman
                                                      of the Board from June 2012 to January 2017. Dr. David
                                                      G. DeWalt was President and Chief Executive Officer of
                                                      McAfee, Inc., a security technology company, from 2007
                                                      until  2011  when  McAfee,  Inc.  was  acquired  by  Intel
                                                      Corporation.  From  2003  to  2007,  Dr.  David  G.  DeWalt
                                                      held  executive  positions  with  EMC  Corporation,  a
                                                      provider  of  information  infrastructure  technology  and
               solutions, including serving as Executive Vice President and President-Customer Operations and
               Content Management Software. Qualifications: Dr. David G. DeWalt has substantial expertise in
               the information technology security industry and has strategic and operational experience as the

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