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BlackHat 2017 – Most Innovative InfoSEC Vendor Discovered!

               Introducing FFRI-Inc of Japan:  Coming to America to Stop Most Malware

               Once upon a time, antivirus software stopped all computer viruses.  That probably
               lasted a day or two.  Fast forward to 2017.  Here we are with exponential breaches in
               the news from TJMAXX losing 100,000,000 credit cards to the recent Equifax breach of
               140,000,000 consumer records.  The SEC recently announced they have been
               breached.  The list goes on and on.  Breaches are a daily occurrence.

               Rarely does the cybersecurity technology surpass the capabilities of the latest threats –
               zero day malware, remote access trojans, ransomware, etc.  So here I am walking the
               Blackhat 2017 expo floor.  It’s getting like RSA – it’s huge, there were so many vendors
               touting the latest and greatest in encryption, firewall,
               vpn, antivirus, multifactor authentication and so much

               I’ve heard it all – everyone has a new approach to
               stop cyber criminals, yet their exploitation is on an
               exponential rise.  According to Worldbank,
               cybercrime reached $600B last year, surpassing
               drug crime as the largest form of crime worldwide.

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