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What is your secret sauce?
               While this flexibility works extremely well, I still wanted to hear from Robert – what’s the
               secret sauce?  “How come we never hear about your clients in the news?  What are you
               doing to help them avoid the next threat or quarantine the latest attack so the breach
               risks are so well mitigated,” I asked him.  Without hesitation, Robert enthusiastically told

               me  about  Herjavec  Group  Analytics  aka  “HG  Analytics”.    This  is  his  company’s  own
               home-grown  automation  engine  that  runs  on  top  of  Splunk  –  between  the  customer
               SIEM and Herjavec Group’s MSSP team that allows them to take in massive amounts
               of  alerts  and  add  what  most  MSSP  customers  could  not  afford  –  valuable  context,
               reputation  filtering,  threat  feeds,  data  deduplication  and  other  intelligent  filtering

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