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On top of this we have the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI in the name of National
               Security, which I’ve frequently talked and written about.

               “National Security and safety for its citizens in any nation state, especially
               the US, is greater, when products from these countries are hardened, not
               weakened, containing no backdoors.”

                   –  Gary Miliefsky, Cyber Security Expert

               If you could afford any car for your family safety, you probably would choose a Volvo because
               it’s hardened to protect you and your family in a crash.  It's the opposite of the 1976 Ford Pinto
               that had a major weakness where when you hit the rear bumper the car would catch fire and
               possibly  explode.   It’s  hard  to  wake  up folks  in the  US government  to understand  that GDP,
               revenues,  taxes  and  overall  citizen  happiness  increase,  when  productivity  and  export  sales
               increase  but  who  would  want  to  buy  a  vulnerable  phone  or  a  weakened  firewall  or  router
               because  FBI,  CIA,  NSA  or  some  other  three  letter  agency  asked  for  back-doors,  keys  and
               weakness in the encryption.

               Could it be that national security, corporate security and consumer privacy actually go hand in
               hand?  Does the British exit from the EU even hint to this fact?  Think about it – they wanted
               less red tape, less paperwork, they wanted to build better products, control their borders and
               increase their jobs.  Their national security in the UK will get stronger, not weaker, as a result.
               The same holds true with encryption – encryption is a strong border.  Should you remove the
               border, remove the encryption and go “borderless” what do you get?  We all lose our privacy,
               corporations continue to hemorrhage data at a cost of billions and national security remains at
               risk  because  it’s  easier  for  the  ‘bad  guys’  to  cross  the  removed  borders  and  steal  the  data,
               mangle the data and worst case cause a horrific cyber terrorism event such as shutting down a
               weak  and  unencrypted  power  grid  or  cause  unencrypted  airline  control  systems  to  crash

               It's time to reconsider our approach to national security.  If our own government were to defend
               its  networks  with  strong  encryption,  we  wouldn’t  see  breaches  like  losing  22m
               personally  identifiable  information  (PII)  records  to  other  nation  states  such  as  China.   Our
               government  should  start  leading  the  charge  believing  that  strong  encryption  is  good  for  the
               country.   It  requires  more  trust  of  corporations  and  citizens  –  because  they  too  deserve  to
               reclaim their privacy and not be victimized by the bad guys, in the name of a false sense of

               And  remember,  every  time  someone  offers  you  extra  convenient  features  for  free,  such  as
               Google’s  search  engine  or  Facebook’s  social  media  products  or  Microsoft  switching  their
               business model – to make Windows 10 a free upgrade for everyone, they aren’t doing these
               things to be nice to you.  These companies make money by selling your data to anyone from
               governments  to  advertisers.    They  have  made  billions  doing  so  –  they  monetize  you  –  you
               become the product.  When you use their products and services at work, you can’t assume the
               corporate firewall will ever protect your organization from massive data leakage.  When you use
               their services on your devices – like your smartphones – you increase the risk that the Bring
               Your Own Device (BYOD) offering by your company for convenience has opened the back door

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